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I've been putting off on putting this up, mostly because there are some things I wanted to fix in this game, but for the most part, everything works. Just until I put in the fix, when you want to play this game, you have to click on the stage for you to do the keyboard commands.

Anyways, if you are familiar with the original Asteroids game, this is pretty much that. I worked on this in College for my final project. Most of the actual work I did in this project has a lot do do with the coding underneath everything, so I didn't get to spend too much time adding to the game beyond just the power ups that I included and some features to the option menu.

As for the game itself, on default, the game plays on keyboard only input, in that you use the "W" key to move forward, "A" to turn left and "D" to turn right, left shift to activate the shield(s) and press the space bar to fire. You can have other options, such as keyboard and mouse and mouse only inputs if you want! In the options menu, you can even change the keys to whatever you want to customize your key arrangements to play the game.

As I mentioned, there are power ups in the game in the form of special krill you can eat. They appear randomly when you break down the asteroids. What they are all capable of doing is pretty much this:

Red Krill - Breaker Shield Charge, which gives you a shield to damage the asteroids
Blue Krill - Allows you to shoot more bullets per shot. The max is 3 bullets per shot.
Green Krill - Rapid Fire!
Yellow Krill - Bonus to Score

And a more detailed look at the controls are:

Controls - Default Keyboard only Controls
W Key - Move Forward
A Key - Turn left
D Key - Turn Right
Shift - Activate Shield
Space Bar - Fire Bullets

Controls - Default Keyboard and Mouse Controls
W Key - Move Forward
Shift - Activate Shield
Space Bar - Fire Bullets
Aim your shots with the mouse!

Controls - Mouse only Controls
Shift - Activate Shield
Space Bar - Fire Bullets
Aim your shots with the mouse and move the mouse away from the Whale to make it follow where your mouse is going.

And I think that is about it! I'd like to hear any input on this game I made.
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February 25, 2013
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